You’re LOSING MONEY in Self Publishing, Here’s Why


How Authors Can Use Pinterest for Marketing

Marketing strategies authors can implement by utilizing Pinterest to strengthen their readership and promote their books and writings. By using Pinterest wisely, authors can foster a relationship with their readers and fortify their brand while using their talent of creativity.

Should Your Book Marketing Include Niche Marketing?

While many know what niche marketing is, there are just as many who don’t. Marketing, including book marketing, is all about focus. Niche marketing is part of that focus.

Five Marketing Strategies Every Author Must Know

Promoting a new book may just be an author’s biggest challenge. The internet offers new and effective methods of book promotion.

What To Look For In A “Done for You” Author Package

There are many ghost writers and book promoters, but how can you follow up and see who is really doing the job? In this article, the author shares some wisdom that most don’t think about…

Developing an Effective Book Launch

Launching your book requires a set of goals and a level of focus to achieve your desired results. The key is enlisting others to help you get you where you want to go.

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