Self Publishing with Dale Live 50K Celebration

Jumping ahead of myself here, this is self-publishing with dale, where you ‘ Ll, learn how to write and publish books that sell and uh. I’m just geeked up to share this major milestone here for the channel with you guys and gals, whether you’re watching this live or watching this on the replay, i thought we’d, go ahead and cross the Threshold together on this one, i’d, been eyeballing this all day long, but if we go over here to the screenshot, you will see that self publishing with dale is officially getting ready to hit 50 000 subscribers so uh.

Thank you. Thank you. Every single one of you, whether you are watching the content and aren’t, subscribed, which i see percent of you out there are that way, uh the rest of you, though, um those that are watching and also subscribing all of you.

Thank you, the ones that have invested enough trust in me and feel like i’ve, got good enough content to come back time and again. So that way you just hit that subscribe. This is awesome. It really does make a huge difference.

Now again, i’m, not going to try to guilt you into subscribing. If you haven’t already done so, but boy it does help out a little bit uh, but nonetheless i appreciate all of you very, very, very much so um.

I’m gonna come on over here to the uh live chat, and i want to kind of jib jab with folks. I i by the way i had this planned all day and i’m. Like man, i’m, like i bet you, it’s. Gon na probably be eight o’clock tonight.

Right as i’m getting tired, so you know what i said screw it. We got ta do this together. I’m gonna be really peeved, though, if we can’t cross this threshold of 50 000 subscribers, so i know there’s.

A quite a few of you right now that are hanging out with me. In fact, let me take a look here. Uh we’ll, see viewer activity, uh analytics there we go so there’s about 15 of you watching right now. So do me a huge favor if you’ve ever found any of my content helpful.

If you’ve ever found it entertaining. If you’ve ever found uh anything insightful. Could you do me a huge favor invite people to come over and subscribe to this channel? It would mean the world to me.

You could do something as simple as just share this video and tag tag me up here, along with a friend that’d, be awesome, but let’s. Make this a party we’ll, bring some more people on in here. I’m thinking about giving away things, but i don’t know i’m, not let’s, see how you guys are feeling, because if you guys aren’t up for giveaways, then i’m, totally cool with that all right, i want to say what’s up to those that have actually showed up for this impromptu appearance here uh, so i want to say joslin carter.

Thank you! So much uh. I saw your comment over on stories which, by the way, folks have you checked out stories on youtube. Yet yeah. When you go visit, my channel and you click the little head, my profile icon, it’ll show you stories that i record and they’re like 15, second blips and such, but i was actually chronicling this and was sharing this throughout The day and jocelyn said very kind word, so thank you so much joselyn.

I appreciate it tanya. What’s, going on great to see you hello, easy graphics, my boy good to see you buddy mikey motion stories. What’s, going on allison, p, samantha michaels? Of course? Thank you so much for being here.

It’s! Awesome having you, i’m scrolling through alv. Oh my gosh alvaro. It’s. Good! To see you al where you been, i actually was thinking about you just the other day, my friend, the big boy for having reached 50k subs.

Incredible, hey everybody pay attention here, uh al pinto. He’s inside the chat right now. Al has been around with me practically since day, freaking, one so uh al. I i freaking. I love you man, you are awesome uh.

I can even point out some of the day wonders like kevin maguire anthony fleischmann, uh keith wheeler good lord keith wheeler has over 10 000 subscribers on his youtube channel that guy crushes it. If you don’t watch his stuff.

Yet you need to john keeler what’s, going on boring story, things wc? Oh folks, did you guys catch the collaboration i did with wc rights uh. It was fantastic. We had a lot of fun. It took a lot of planning.

I’ll tell you and she did a lot of the work i think um, but uh anyway yeah. I had a lot of fun with wc wright. So michael has thank you so much for the congrats uh, gracias congrats on the milestone. Thank you very very much.

We’re. Almost there look in case you haven’t seen it. You just happen to be showing up just now. Okay, eight more subscribers, literally eight more before we get there so invite a loved one bring a friend on in here.

Like i said, i’m thinking about doing giveaways. I don’t know if you guys want me to give away some free stuff. I will do that uh, not begrudgingly. I just i don’t know if you’re interested in that thing, uh let’s, see here.

I’m. Looking further down here, jay mccullough, it’s great to see you join us here which, by the way uh jay mccullough. Oh, let me think here i shouted you out in a recent podcast yeah yeah yeah, that’s right yeah.

I think you were on my second channel. I think i could be off on that one but um. I did shout you out, though, so thank you so much for the support. I definitely appreciate that we’re now. Seven subscribers away.

Folks, let’s. Get this come on now, all right, uh morningstar! It’s great to see you morningstar! Thank you so much for i don’t know if i’m allowed to say your name on here, so i just you know you can always just dm me and let me know if it’s a a-okay or Not uh ink pinkies, hi dale, congratulations! I’m subscribed.

Otherwise i’ll, happily help push you over the edge. Thank you so much. I appreciate that just being here and commenting makes a huge difference. Ava fails. Ava did not listen. Folks, everybody knows ava is essentially like my right-hand man uh, and you know she handles a lot of stuff um everything from scheduling out the videos to managing comments, uh to doing the email.

For me, like there’s so much stuff that ava does, but i i didn’t, let her in on today. I just i had to kind of feel see how i was feeling as the day went on and as the time came closer i was like you know what let’s.

Go live! Let’s. Let ‘ S have fun. Let’s. Do this together, so um ramona foster just invited. Thank you so much. Thank you so much ramona i’ve, noticed you and said comments as well. I appreciate all the support.

I think i saw you over on the comments over on the podcast channel which, by the way show of hands. I want everybody, you know you could put a why in chat or you can even just say. Yes, it doesn’t matter.

How many of you are subscribed to the podcast channel? Alright, yes, is why n is no go ahead, drop it on inside the chat right now i want to hear from each and every single one of you in some capacity and if you’re watching this on the replay, i want to hear from You as well go ahead and drop it inside the comments, and, let me know if you are, if you are not here’s, an opportunity to go over there right now: dalelinx.

com youtube, podcast yeah there’s, a separate channel and believe It or not it’s, longer form content. In fact, this live broadcast on the channel is probably going to be the last for a long time here on the main channel, because on the podcast channel it’s more devoted to longer form content.

I know some of you out. There only come for the content and you only want the content you don’t want all the extra fluff totally get that that’s totally awesome. I see it. Sometimes i go live and i lose subscribers, but over on the podcast channel people subscribe because it’s longer form content.

So if you’re kind of like uh dale, i don’t know i don’t want to see that much of you, then you may not want to subscribe there, but if you want deeper dives and a little Bit less flash and pizzazz go over to the podcast channel.

Yeah dale got a standing desk. Yes, yes, maybe in a minute we can always just move it on down. So thank you so much for saying there’s, something there ava abandoned account. What’s going on mikey motion stories? Yes, okay, so let me drop this inside the chat and we’ll.

Pin this comment. If you are already subscribed here to the channel, it’d, be a good idea to subscribe to the youtube podcast so go ahead and click that link. We are going to start doing live broadcasts over there on may the 17th every monday.

So we’re. Moving from twitch over to the new youtube podcast channel, i’ll, most likely start hosting writing sprints into the summer over on the podcast channel. Not this main channel. This main channel is going to probably have a lot of radio silence when it comes to the live videos.

Just for now, until i’ve got a better sound. You know strategy of doing some. The video sting like a dale, no not yet, but we’ll subscribe awesome. I would have missed it if you hadn’t posted, oh sorry, to keep you awake, ava lol history in the making.

Here, though, yes uh, i i think some we’ll, see here’s. The thing is, nobody watches me well, very few people watch me over on twitch, so they typically don’t, see um what i so i’m talking too much. Why don’t? We just go ahead and i will just show you as an example.

Here we go, we’re, going to turn on all right. So there is my extra camera here and apologies that it. This is probably a potato quality here, but any rate, though here is the new layout, so you can see um.

I’m gonna fix this a little bit better and it’s. Actually gonna be backlit um. You can see the shelves are already backlit and such so everything’s pretty much already set, but this is the new layout, and the nice thing is whether i’m standing or i’m seated.

I will have some type of like that background behind me, so it kind of fills it out. I was going to get rid of the pop art, but then i’m like they’re nice. I like them anytime. I see the pictures it excites me, but you can see i added in got my book covers here, got ta.

Do some shameless self-promotion right can & # 39? T hate me for that? Yes, that’s. Fine! Congratulations! Thank you! So much don ray! We are not quite there. We need about seven more subscribers, we are so so stinking close.

So if you’ve been watching my content and you’ve watched like say five: five of those videos already five or more hit subscribe. If you’re not subscribed, yet what are you doing? Like literally, i think there’s like over 60 percent and someone’s, calling me from cleveland ohio.

I should take it on on air here. No, you got to keep the pop art, yes, love the vibe. Thank you so much ink pinkies. Yes, i love the new layout backlighting. Yes, yes, oh oh yeah. I i pulled out all the stops.

I’m, probably not 100, where i want it to be just yet um, but it’s. It’s getting there. So this backdrop uh, i’ve, got uh some tools that are supposed to be coming in today. If it doesn’t it’ll, probably be in tomorrow.

I’m sure, but either way um, i’m gonna fix that background, and it’s gonna pop, even better um but yeah. I’m, really really happy with this. Thus far um the space is, is amazing because i mean this was not what i had before i used to be stuck back into a corner.

Now i have a ton of room. My guitars are off in the distance here. I’ve got all the books so for some reason i’m, like jib jabbing, like good friend of mine and former coaching student here, uh mark brownless.

I could just be able to reference him and pull up his book. Speaking of how many of you all published a book show of hands, tell me: have you published a book? You could say yes or you can say the number of books that you’ve, published so far.

What’s, going on michael murray? It’s great to see you buddy! You came in just in time there’s only six more subscribers left before we hit 50 000 subscribers. So i feel like i’m on, like a charity run or something like that here we’re.

We’re doing a marathon. Hopefully it won’t, be a marathon. I mean gosh that’s. I i i figured 10 would probably be doable within an hour or so, but we ‘ Ll, definitely find out so make sure you stick around share this broadcast out there and tell people why you do enjoy.

Not me yet: yes, we need more. Subscribers, yes need more. Subscribers need more cowbell, stephen sarah. What’s going on? Yes, mikey motion stories? Yes, john keeler, five ooh, tanya, eight short story: ebooks ava’s got a hand up one.

All right, so now we’re, seeing a lot more people that have have published in some capacity all right. So let ‘ S have a little bit of fun. Let ‘ S have a little bit of fun. I want to give the spotlight to you.

Yep sounds crazy. All right, but there’s a catch there’s, a catch all right, no link. Dropping so tell me the name of your book and the author name, and i want to pull that up over on amazon and if you’re watching this on the replay.

This is your time to go ahead and brag about your book. Please no link dropping all right. Let me search for your book, so uh go ahead and drop it on in. There does vela count, not quite yet, since it’s not not quite yet launched but congrats on getting on top of that.

Six. More five more to go folks, five more to go royal rumble countdown soon, yeah, exactly it’s going to be in slow motion. So five more folks, if you have ever enjoyed this content, please do me a favor brag about it.

Share with that. These folks get to be part of an elite group of 50 000 subscribers who chose to stick with me for the long term and uh any rates and part of the 100k sub club as well. I got to get a covent test to be in a movie thursday, though nice congrats dude.

Ah there he is terence. It’s. Good to see you buddy whoa. Am i catching dale live? Yes, you are catching him live melanie yep! Okay! Here we go tanya’s. Taking me up on my offer here. So here’s. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to highlight her her thing, and this is open to everybody.

Brag away, i won’t, be able to showcase every single person on here because keep in mind that i’m trying to keep up with the the chat here. So where are we at? I just seen dawn rail. I have two low content books i passed are one pass and active and one in review and working on one now, thanks for your help with the information new subscriber.

As of now. Thank you so much don. I appreciate that. Okay, here we go um there. You are tanya. I was trying to find where your thing was at here. Okay, let’s. Go on over to the almighty amazon. Let’s, get into the kindle store right away; okay, so this is uh.

Tanya’s book. She actually actually has a youtube channel by the way. Folks, please go take a look at her tanya steffensen uh. All right, we’re gonna find her here, the red crime, thriller collection.

I think this is the one, so there we go. There is my first shout out of the night over to tanya um. We got to get you some more love on this this page. Here you got one rating and unfortunately they did not.

They didn’t favor, you too kindly, though um but congrats on this book. By the way i’m gonna hit that follow there, because that’s. What i do all right, who’s next, all right, four cities by john keeler.

All right here is john keeler’s. Book. Give me a second here: we’re, going to go back to the live, count work to three left folks. Three subscribers left, oh my, and we’re, going to probably have to stay just a little bit beyond 50 000.

So we make sure it stays there, because people do unsubscribe, believe it or not all right. So we ‘ Ve got one here with john keeler. I’m going to hit you follow there, so i can see when you release some books.

Is four cities a novel it’s? 2025? Six years after the flash, when the internet national leaders disappeared worldwide and vulnerable people become unthinking. Six in post-apocalyptic toronto, the epstein’s, wait to hear back from grandpa henry, so the american family can plan its next move.

Canada’s, most depopulated with four semi-functional cities. Each is an independent city-state with its own laws and culture. Among the citizens are inter-city socialists trying to take over the cities and replace their leadership as the mayor strive to cooperate with each other amid reconstruction.

I feel like i have to see this through, but i i want to kind of go over here and just so. There is john’s book folks, make sure you go take a look at four cities by john keeler, all right. Let’s, see here, who’s next inside the chat here.

The christmas mission mikey motion stories. Let me go ahead and take a look at this here. I’m, assuming this is probably you so the christmas mission by nino argentina and mikey argentina mikey. I’m, going to hit the follow on you.

There um, so i’m, not going to read all the book descriptions. It’s, going to probably be too much for me, so go take a look over at the christmas mission by nino and mikey argentina, so congrats on the book, all righty and by the way i’m, not gonna be critiquing.

Your stuff, so don’t, feel like i’m gonna, be judging you uh. If you wanted that, you can just say hey, you know what do you think go ahead, but i’m, not going to give you any opinions at this point i’m just bragging and sharing some of you guys here.

Of course, this is my boy, stephen cerro steven’s such a sweetheart of it dude. He just put together a book over like two decades. I think it was and uh this was his epic novel and he just put it out uh.

The dude’s. Super super, proud of it, the destroyer of worlds and answer to every question. So stephen’s always been a huge supporter here at the channel, and i do appreciate you buddy more than you know so all right.

Okay, here’s, one from easy graphics. I think i got the winky in with it. Unfortunately, there we go there. We go all right. So here we go. This is uk property investment for complete beginners by andy nguyen good cover.

I, like it excellent formatting. Hmm, i wonder who you learned from [ Laughter, ], let’s. Take a look at the live count. Oh man, it’s getting so so so stinking close here. All right give me a second. I need to take a drink of water here, michael, thank you so much.

I i see that you’re, giving me some love uh. I do appreciate it if, if i’ve ever helped you in any capacity and you’re happy about it. Thank you. Thank you. One of the best ways that you can kind of give back is just simply watching a video believe.

It or not the longer you watch the better, it is on youtube hitting the like as well, that’s, also another one. So three more subscribers left. We got this. We’ve got this come on. Someone tell me like hold my beer.

You guys got this one so go ahead and share that all right. Let’s. Go back over here to bragging on some people’s books here. So let’s, hear eric damien. I see you there. Hopefully you didn’t, think i was ignoring you oops uh.

Somehow there we go eric damien summer job. I’m. Assuming this is you decent cover? I like it. I’m, going to hit that follow 238 pages, that’s, a writer, not bad so the summer job our summer, job by eric damien folks go give them some love and if you happen to read any of these books, you guys Know what really helps out is leaving reviews.

I know it kind of seems contradictory that you know i say don’t do review swaps, but you can still leave reviews on other authors books. It’s, the intention. That is something that’s, shunned upon and is not according to you know, tos if you will but uh.

I think the likelihood of some random author that you’ve, never really talked to you know doing a review for your book. In exchange it’s, it’s very unlikely to happen, but all right, so there we go. Please leave reviews, leave reviews all right.

I’m gonna go on up here. My pen name is elizabeth jay carter. Okay, so i’m gonna go ahead and get this one here. I see you joslin, let’s peek over here. Oh, we’re. Still, oh, oh there we go it’s coming close here.

So, hang on a second joslin i’m, going to go ahead. I’m going to load this up here, because we don’t want to miss out when it crosses on over there. So, oh there we go all right, so we’re, going to come back to this in just one moment, because that would stink.

If, if i’m sitting here, jib jabbing about a book and such and uh, we we lose the actual moment that’s. What i’m shooting for, as i wanted to kind of share this with you guys and uh i’ll. Tell you what if we can get this past 50 000 here’s? What i’m gonna end up doing is i’m gonna give a shout out to as many people as i can this evening um.

I know it’s kind of a bold claim, but um. If i’ve got to be here for a bit. I ‘ Ll have to be here for look. We lost a subscriber someone was like. Oh man, i’m watching him live this guy’s.

Trash straight trash all right, so here we go. I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna bring this on over here. So i keep a part part of an eye out on it. So, okay just want to make sure that we’re good here, all right, okay.

So this is a good friend of the channel. She’s been here for a long time, uh elizabeth j carter. I always shout her out joslyn. It’s, always great, seeing you in the comments inside the chat as well. Nobody told me i couldn’t a bug, racing adventure in winter’s park about an unlikely hero, unlikely friendship and overcoming obstacles, not too bad.

Folks, again, head on over there take a look at her page. It’s great for children. You can go ahead, share with them good for ages, 8-12, so not bad alrighty. We’re still rocking and rolling. Let me see who else is inside here? Mine is mia by any other name.

Okay, so let me see if i can find that one melanie, my also bots, are gonna, probably be all jacked up. Okay, so i’m. Assuming i’m, assuming that this is you uh, okay, there we go good great formatting, look at that nice and clean emea by any other name: the social security administration, girls top 1000 and beyond 2020.

. By the way we just lost another subscriber. We’re back down to four. What’s going on here world? What you guys doing all right! I don’t blame you guys, 817 pages good! Lord melanie, you really kick butt as a writer, oh my gosh 20! For the paperback, so there you go emea by any other name, all right.

Let’s, keep moving don ray luxe lily dreams. Come true. Low content lined journal first book. Okay, let me see here i probably shouldn ‘ T have put first book in there i’m, not sure if this will pull up your product.

We’ll, find out here in a second. Why don’t? We try. Let’s. Let’s, go without the brand name. Maybe hmm. If you’ve got an asin of some sort don i i can probably search it up, but unfortunately, since there’s, so many journals it’s, going to be hard to be found through there ava.

I might be biased uh, but i don’t know anyone who deserves those five subs more. I i never figure that i deserve anything, and i appreciate you saying that i try to work my tail off and give you guys all the information that you’ve, come to me, for, i think, of myself kind of like the the dj of Self-Publishing i curate information and mix it back and good lord.

It just crossed over the threshold. I’m. So sorry guys, you literally just missed it. Somebody unsubscribe and resubscribe. We’ll, just drop it down and bring it back up. Then we can live that moment together again, so uh wow very, very, very cool 50 000 subscribers.

Thank you for not making me have to stay up till midnight uh hitting at over 50 000., but i did say i was going to stick around and i was going to shout out. Everybody’s books. So again, if i can’t find your book right away.

My apologies. I’m, going to go ahead and bring this back over here. So we’ll drop it right and say the same thing there we go. Okay! Moving right along, let’s, see here, yeah ava said i’ve watched dale, pour his blood, sweat and tears into this channel for five years.

Yeah it’s, pretty crazy uh, because ava actually was working with me as uh with the fitness business. Some of my fitness publications she handled some of my email things like that and then, when i just kind of fell out of love with doing like the fitness writing and was really in love with doing this here on youtube um that i brought her on.

So she got to be at ground zero. She got to be there at times where i was like. I don’t even know. If we got budget for you and it was it was, it was hard. It was some hard situations, but thankfully we’re at a point now uh again: 50 000.

Subscribers really affords me more than i could have ever dreamed, and i think about this often like the size of the audience. That would be there if they were all in once i mean this is like a stadium full of people.

50 000 people have watched enough of me to [ Music ], hit that subscribe to feel invested to want to come back and so yeah 50. 000. Folks, thank you. I can’t say enough, nice things to every single one of you all right.

Let me go ahead. I want to make sure we get everybody’s books here, so ooh steven, sarah also shared destroyer worlds is a nine-time award-nominated novel. So there you go folks, good lord, that’s. A lot of award nominations.

What jerk rated your book! One star yeah, exactly tania’s like it was news to her. Oh man, i’m. Sorry, yep, okay, so for some reason i just shifted on past here. Yay! Congratulations! Thank you! So much jan selection well deserved.

Thank you. I appreciate it so stoke free very well deserved my friend eric. I appreciate you all your support man. You deserve a dale congrats. Thank you. So much ray i didn ‘ T see you slip on in there all right, i’ve got another book here all right.

Yes, it’s, shifter all right. So there’s. Sometimes some jokes that, like completely go over people’s, heads like people bring up the banana sticker there’s, no secret to it. It’s. Just anytime, someone used to say something like hey.

They say something smart. I say you deserve a banana sticker. It’s, a reference to metallocalypse. You ever watch the uh, the cartoon um, but i every now and then bring up the wear, bear shapeshifter romance novels and um.

It’s, light-heartedly poking fun at something that i just didn’t know existed back about seven years ago when i got into the business, and i heard that i just died laughing and the next thing i know there’S tiger shifters there’s.

Dragon shifters. I’m, like what what i didn’t a were dragon a wear tiger. What so it used to confuse the heck out of me so anytime i get stumped on naming like a random niche. She would think i’d, go health, fitness and dieting, or something like that.

No every now and then i get that one. But my go-to every single time is wherebear shapeshifter romance. I’m, not punching down that that niche um. I could probably attack something like you know: abdl uh, adult baby, diaper, lover um, but i don’t.

I think that there’s, a niche for everybody, and i i’m, not about ready to poop on that, so never wanted to get anybody like the belief that i think those books are horrible. No, it’s great. I think that any form of literature that can engage with people and to provide them what they need is great by me.

I think that’s, fantastic all right here we go. We’re, going to go ahead and drop that on in there get it back into the screen share. I’m, assuming this is una, hides awakening of the dragon mark of redemption book one.

I’m gonna hit that follow, of course, good cover. I like that good stuff, all right who else? Oh! Thank you so much katrina. I appreciate that the lady dr uh lights, the lady, writes, come on dale, learn to talk, just drop the five spot.

Thank you so much uh speaking of day one or she’s been around since day one. She was my first guest blog post. Alan clark, hashtag new, you know what you need. You know what you all need. Well, first of all, alan clark, i’m gonna go ahead and give you one of these banana stickers boom all right.

So i’m gonna need you to hit me up over at dale, and say: hey, i’m. I i you’re, going to probably want to say al. You know i’m alan clark. I watched – i was, you know new on the show, please folks, don’t just do this to to get a free sticker, but the person that actually is the one i’m.

Mentioning uh hit me up. Daley’s. Uploading with and i’ll just need your address and i just send it out in the mail there’s, no tricks. I will send out a couple more stickers too so anyway welcome here.

I have a question: how much do you think the printing fee would cost for a 200 page book um? I think there’s. Some calculators online that kind of figure out profits and such like that on there uh worst case scenario, i would say: [ Music ], just just take like a sample like chapter and then just repeat it over and over and over again until you get 200 upload.

It and then see what the price is as soon as they go ahead and process the file, so that’s, probably the path of least resistance and something that will help out um yeah. I’m just unfortunately that’s like stuff.

I don’t, know off top my head so um. How do we share uh share the video uh just go ahead and hit the uh the little share button. So all right here we go. I’m gonna come back over so again, big shout out over awakening of the dragon all right.

So let’s, get the next one and that’s, not it. I thought i had copied, but i didn’t all right, so tanya’s got another one for us. Tails will get ilganthus. I’m, probably saying that completely wrong. In my apologies tanya i’m.

Going to hit the follow on you as well, so there you go there’s, a good cover. I like that. The the color choice is really nice. Hey there we go, ava, went ahead and dropped in the calculate your book printing cost.

I can’t, remember who had asked that question but go ahead and use that link melanie. It’s 386 for a 250 page book. All right here we go. Alan allen might be new to the channel, but you know what he’s still going to get some love.

Nonetheless, henderson house ooh. This is probably something i might enjoy. I’m. Assuming yeah, i’m going to hit that follow on there interesting the henderson house, a short halloween tale. So i’m going to give that a give that a watch.

I’m, going to give that a look-see. I ‘ Ve got kendall unlimited, so i probably can work with that. Yes, and if anybody wants to shout out, please say so here soon cause. Otherwise, i’m gonna go ahead and call it a night.

I’m. Happy to share everybody’s stuff. If i didn’t hit yours, please just shout it inside the the chat again, because keeping up with the chat is kind of tough metallocalypse is very metal. Yes, that was lps fire earth that wanted to know about the 200 page book, so lps just uh hit that link that ava dropped inside the chat.

That’ll help you on over there. So, oh there we go. I forgot lady rights, you actually um, you’ve got mod privileges, so you can just drop the uh. The link there we go. I am i got ta tell you there’s.

I ‘ Ve got a lot of friends. Obviously i’m, not sitting here trying to flex. Do you know how many friends i have um, i ‘ Ve got a lot of friends and there’s, some of them that i just honestly they feel like they’re family.

To you like, and i’ve mentioned. You know some before yeah have you said you know the kevin mcguire’s, the keith wheelers, the mark, brownlesses um, but you can’t beat katrina taylor. Honestly, she is sweet as the day is long and uh.

I always appreciate everything she does for even the indie author community uh, because she actually has her own twitch channel. You may want to go. Take a look at. Why am i not following you that’s, disappointing dale? There we go and uh so it’s called ascension the uh zarok legacy book, one so good hook, echoes of the past haunt a new generation.

I like that great great hook, so there we go and remember folks, you helped support some indie authors. Go buy a book if you see something that you would like to do. Okay, thank you. Yes, lps! It’s. My pleasure thanks for the shout out my pleasure mikey.

I appreciate it keith wheeler! I was talking about you the day, one dude. Yes, yes, thank you for the shout out. Yes, and if i missed your title, please, oh here we go ray r wise. I see you buddy here we go.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah um. I’m. Just gonna go ahead and i’m gonna hit your author profile, but uh the one that he wants to showcase is uh my wolf within uh. Let’s, see here, which one was that come on now dale.

I went too fast on that there we go excellent, so there it is my wolf within and uh the nice thing. Is it’s, a three-part series, so you can go pick that up don’t. Forget you get it, you read, it leave a review.

It really helps them out. Cameron, winners, congrats dale, you and your channel have earned my respect. Looking forward to your one million celebration yeah, you know, i think we’ll, probably look forward to the hundred thousand.

It might be a little bit closer um that’s. My next major milestone is hitting that hundred thousand and then probably a quarter of a million half a million and then three quarter of a million and then pretty much uh one million.

I am heading that direction. There’s, going to be some more new content: that’s, going to be rolling out. That’s a little bit different um, but it’s in in the same vein, so you guys are going to you know come to expect of this channel.

So i know i have a lot of people that are starting to watch. The channel not for the self-publishing aspect, but for things like when i’m, reviewing these e-readers and these tablets and such so. I’ve, actually um in the process of shooting one for the amazon fire, eight which, by the way, spoiler alert.

I love it. I i freaking love it. I already like the 10 wasn’t a big fan of seven. In fact i at this point i just need to probably re-home it. I’m, going to send it to somebody when i’m when i’m done thanks so much dale for the shout out.

I really appreciate it. Hey, yes, 100k is coming your way. Yes, exactly that’s, that’s. The direction i’m headed, then all righty i’m, just going to take a quick scroll here through the chat. Again, i’m, giving shout outs.

So if you have your book, you want to give it shout it out. I’ll, go ahead and do that right here and remember: i’m, not going to judge your book all right. I’m just going to share it. If you want to have crit constructive criticism, we’ll.

Do that on another broadcast? Okay, so it looks like we got everybody here. So all right! Well, let’s, go ahead and start to wrap things up here. I want to take a look at the channel analytics. Yes, there we go, we had another three, we just switch it right on over there and it just kicked right on past.

So i think we’re safely right over into the 50 000 range, so yeah, i asked, if you guys want to do a giveaway. It seems like we’re just having fun kind of ch chatting. So if i seem like a real cheapskate um, it’s only because i’m, being lazy more than anything so um, but nonetheless i just want to give another heartfelt.

Thank you to every single one of you out there uh it’s crazy. That five years ago, on april 2016, i decided that instead of answering email, messages and direct messages, i would create videos that people can come to and when they had a question, i just sent them to the videos and within a year i became hooked, and i Became obsessed – and i wanted to learn this and become better and i am hungrier than ever so that means that i’m gonna continue to step up what i’ve, been giving to you guys.

Hence why the whole new background new layout there’s, gonna be just some great video editing on the horizon. I got an excellent editing team big thank over. Thank you over to dan norton and his team, um and gonna be some cool stuff uh.

I will be reaching out to some people that will be on the book rescue show. I’ve got about three solid candidates that i saw that i would be in touch with probably tomorrow, if not by the by friday. So book rescue is on the horizon, that’s only going to get bigger, because the first one went really really well.

I got a lot of companies that are very interested in contributing to this, so i think it’s, going to be a lot of fun and we’re going to do some other. You know fun things in between. So all that to say this, thank you so much.

I appreciate all of your support in the meantime. Do me a favor hit that thumbs up and if you made it, this far drop me as many banana stickers as you can inside the chat or inside the comments we’re.

Talking like go nuts on it like 10 20 banana stickers would be awesome to see that the meantime it’s been self-publishing with dale, and thank you so much

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